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Mindset Medicine

What is Mindset Medicine?

Mindset Medicine Coaching is a thought partnership, designed to move a healthy person move from point A to point B.  For extremely intelligent physicians, this can be difficult or impossible by oneself.  A coach provides a mirror and guide to understand the self, as well as accountability in taking concrete action towards change.  Ultimately, the only way to understand coaching is to experience a session yourself.


Elite quality coaching fees for physicians are comparable to fees for executive professionals in large businesses.  The platinum 6-month coaching package investment including a two day 1:1 kick off in Austin, TX is $20K.  We are currently sold out until January, 2023.  We're currently accepting waitlist applications with a fully refundable $2K deposit.  Applications involve a written pre-assessment and an initial exploration session to ensure we are a great fit!


Contact us below for additional information on program options, scheduling structure, or to apply for coaching.  3 Month coaching packages are also offered for more curriculum based progress while still gaining access to Dr. Parkes.  If going 'all-in' is more your style, then the Platinum fully custom coaching is the way to go!  If you notice yourself feeling the pull towards coaching, don't ignore it for too long.  Whether you find a coach through CCI or elsewhere, you'll be incredibly grateful!

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